In cooperation with Dubai Holding and Saudi Mining Company,Sinoway Forest has carried out "tree species ball" afforestation projects in local areas suitable for afforestation, in order to gradually improve the local ecological environment conditions and continuously create social and ecological benefits.


Roting and planting green in desertification areas


blend of trees and grass


project progress

Preliminary investigation of aerial seeding afforestation experimental plot operation and development of forest and grass carbon sink

In this stage, the seed germination rate test suitable for local desert plants, the seed ball production process improvement, the seed ball germination rate test, and the fly seeding operation of the experimental plots and other related experimental work were mainly completed. At the same time, we will also start the consulting work on the development of forest and grass carbon sink at this stage to implement whether the conditions for the development of forest and grass carbon sink are available.

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Project Achievements

Project Achievements

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